Speech Sound Design
Freelance Sound Designer |  Music Composer and Producer of Computer-based Music

Speech Sound Design

Recorded vowels and consonants sounds are the core element of this collection of atmospheres, sound effects and ambient music examples. Speech Sound Design showcases some of the type of sounds that my digital instruments allow to generate. The innovative approach to speech synthesis of my audio processing software allows to control timbre with the features of the human voice in an intuitive way.  Evolving sonic textures, clouds of vowels, ’talking’ guitars and sound morphing are some of the techniques I am implementing in my sound design tools. 


sound design | ambience | sound effects | atmospheres | soundscapes | atmos | speech synthesis | speech coding


Speech Sound Design - Texture 3

Evolving texture generated from a collection of recorded vowels. The resonant structures of vowels are transferred to new synthesized sound sources creating cross/fading effects.

Speech Sound Design - Texture 2

Speech Sound Design - Texture 1

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