Interior Music Design - Sound Art

Interior Music Design - Sound Art


Sound connects us to the world all the time. It is constantly around us and tells us a great deal about our surroundings. It alerts us when someone is calling, when it is time to wake up or we can recognise the people we care about just from their voice. We use music to relax or to make us feel more focused or motivated during a workok. Sound can be designed to improve our living spaces similarly as furniture does.

Enter Interior Music Design. A series of sound art works designed to creat a virtual space in your headphones or to create immersive sound experiences.

Start now using sound to improve your focus and productivity. You can improve your work and living spaces with music and sounds customised to your mood and atmosphere of your home or office.

These are the benefits:

  • Music to create a calm space to think
  • Ambient Music that is always there for you: tune in or tune out at your preference.
  • Improved focus
  • Customise your workspace at home
  • Create your own soundtrack for remote and virtual workspaces
  • Immerisive 3D audio for augmented reality work and living spaces

Every sound and music installation is handcrafted in the smallest detail, using cutting-edge digital technology to deliver the highest standards. Your music will feel modern, alive and will blend effortlessly with your space. Wether your office or home, you choose and design your own sounds.


Find below examples from my YouTube series. I composed each track crafting every element to facilitate specific tasks such as focus, problem-solving, creativity, meditation, sleep and more. 

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