I am a music producer, composer, and sound designer. I use software development skills to build tools for sound design, music production, and audio processing. I harness the power of the human voice to create new sounds, new music, and new digital instruments through technology. Research in speech synthesis informs my approach to create atmospheric music and cutting-edge sound design. My music and sound effects are created with novel and intuitive software that I developed for sound synthesis and sound design applications.

I am specialised in ambient music production, electroacoustic composition, and sound design. I have many years of experience in electronic music composition, music production, and sound design. I am well versed in programming for audio that allows me to create new interactive instruments for electronic music composition, music production, and audio processing. 

Michele Pizzi



Services :


Cutting-edge music production and composition, innovative sound design, professional sound recording, and audio editing for:

  • film
  • audiobooks
  • dialogue and voice recording
  • video post-production
  • foley and sound effects 
  • courseware and e-learning such as speech recordings, software. For example: Listening Lab
  • documentaries
  • audio-visual works
  • museum installations
  • video game audio
  • digital media
  • virtual reality 
  • software development for music production, audio processing, and digital instruments


I am always looking for new challenges!

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