Freelance Sound Designer |  Music Composer and Producer of Computer-based Music




I am Michele Pizzi, a music producer, sound designer and composer of computer-based music. My portfolio of works ranges from electronic music production, ambient music, sound recording and production of classical music and jazz, electroacoustic music composition and digital instrument design. I am particularly interested in the creation of new software for music production and sound design. I create original ambient music and sound effects libraries aimed at contribuiting to the production of interactive media, video games, audiobooks, films, documentaries and websites.


I studied trombone performance and electroacoustic music composition at the Conservatorio Niccoló Paganini of Genoa (Italy). I completed a MA degree with distinction in Music Production at the University of York (UK) where I discovered my interest in exploring speech coding in electronic music production. I am currently completing my PhD at the University of York.


My research focuses on musical applications of speech through the design of new music production software and studio-based audio processing techniques. I explore how to creatively control sound synthesis with the characteristics of the human voice. In my PhD thesis I investigate how technology allows the approximation of the features of speech to perform new manipulations of timbre. More specifically, the thesis explores the estimation of anti-resonant structures of the vocal tract (antiformants) in consonant sounds to perform audio interpolations based on the analysis of recorded speech. I developed a collection of new audio processing tools and music production techniques to transfer the timbre of speech to other sound sources for the synthesis of hybrid sounds.


Recently I developed software for the Music department at the University of York designed to help students of Music Production develop listening skills.  It is a collection of nine standalone apps, with each app focussing on a different type of audio processing technique. As sound designer, digital media composer and software developer,  I am constantly expanding my collection of sound design instruments, music compositions and sound effect libraries.







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