Freelance Sound Designer |  Music Composer and Producer of Computer-based Music




I am a music producer, sound designer, and composer. My portfolio of works ranges from electronic music production, ambient music, sound recording and production of classical music and jazz, electroacoustic music composition, and digital instrument design. I design new software for music production and sound design. I produce original ambient music and sound effects libraries aimed at interactive media, video games, audiobooks, films, documentaries, and websites.

I graduated in trombone performance and electroacoustic music composition at the Conservatorio Niccoló Paganini of Genoa (Italy). I achieved a MA degree with distinction in Music Production from the University of York (UK) where I discovered my interest in speech coding applied to electronic music and sound design. I completed a PhD at the University of York.

My research focuses on musical applications of speech through the design of new music production tools and studio-based audio processing techniques. My goal is to find new ways to control sound synthesis with the characteristics of the human voice. For example, in my PhD thesis, I investigated how technology allows the approximation of the features of speech to perform new manipulations of timbre. The result is a collection of innovative audio processing tools and music production techniques to transfer the timbre of speech to other sound sources for the synthesis of hybrid sounds.

Recently I developed learning software for the Music department at the University of York, designed to help students of Music Production develop listening skills. It is a collection of nine standalone apps featuring an innovative and intuitive approach that turns the learning experience into a game. Each app facilitates the learning of a different type of audio processing technique.


As a freelance sound designer, digital media composer, and software developer, I am constantly building my collection of new sound design instruments, music compositions, and sound effect libraries.

My latest works include sound recording for:

  • York Late Music
  • I Fagiolini
  • Shobana Jeyasingh Dance 
  • University of York

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