Music Producer / Composer / Sound Designer

Music Producer / Composer / Sound Designer



My work explores the use of technology to harness the potential of the human voice to create new sounds, new music and new digital instruments. Research in speech synthesis informs my approach to create atmospheric music and cutting edge sound design. My music and sound effects are created with novel and intuitive software that I developed for sound synthesis and sound design applications.


Ambient Music | Electronic Music | Experimental Music | Sound Design | Sound Recording | Audio Editing


How can I help?


If you are looking for original music, creative sound design, professional sound recording and audio editing for:

  • video games
  • films
  • audiobooks
  • ADR
  • foley and sound effects
  • e-learning such as speech recordings, software     Example
  • documentaries
  • audio-visual works
  • museum installations
  • video post-production
  • digital media
  • virtual reality 

If you have a new idea for a new software for music production, audio processor or digital instruments feel free to contact me







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