About Michele Pizzi
Freelance Sound Designer |  Music Composer and Producer of Computer-based Music

About Michele Pizzi



I am a music producer, sound designer and composer of computer-based music. I studied trombone performance and electroacoustic music composition at the Conservatorio Niccoló Paganini of Genoa (Italy). I completed a MA degree with distinction in Music Production at the University of York (UK) where I discovered my interest in exploring speech coding in electronic music production. I am currently completing my PhD at the University of York. My research focuses on musical applications of speech through the design of new audio processing software and studio-based audio processing techniques to creatively control sound synthesis with the characteristics of the human voice. In my PhD thesis I investigate how technology allows the approximation of the features of speech to perform new manipulations of timbre. More specifically, the thesis explores the estimation of anti-resonant structures of the vocal tract (antiformants) in consonant sounds to perform audio interpolations based on the analysis of recorded speech. I developed a collection of new audio processing tools and music production techniques to transfer the timbre of speech to other sound sources for the synthesis of hybrid sounds.
As freelance sound designer, digital media composer and software developer,  I am constantly expanding my collection of sound design instruments, music compositions and sound effect libraries.


If you are looking for original music, creative sound design, professional sound recording and audio editing for:

  • video games
  • films
  • audiobooks
  • documentaries
  • audio-visual works
  • museum installations
  • video post-production
  • digital media
  • virtual reality 

or if you’re developing a new software for music production feel free to contact me. 







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